Train actively your first aid skills and gain confidence in what to do in case of emergency. Through this course you brush up your first aid knowledge to the newest status, so you are able to provide further help until emergency services arrive.
This course is fully accredited by the Swiss League of Samaritan (SSB) and does act upon professional instructions by Swiss Association of Emergency Medical Services (IVR) and Swiss Resuscitation Council (SRC).
Course aims
The participants
know the basic procedure in emergency situations
avoid further harm to the casualty and bystander
apply lifesaving methods based on the situation
Completed basic first aid course. Good knowledge of course language (English) and willingness to contribute actively during the course. The course must be fully attended to achieve a course certificate.
Key aspects
Basic procedure in emergency situations
Assessment of a casualty
Resuscitation and use of AED device
External and internal bleeding
Skill training on the basis of case studies
3 hours
Cost and Course certificate
CHF 90 per person
Included are course material, certificate, and registration fees towards third party. A regular visit of a refresher course is recommended.
Course dates and Registration
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